About Us

H2O is about Faith and taking another step when you are not sure why or how you can. I’m not sure what God wants for me or from me specifically with Help2Others but I know in my heart that this web-site is a part of that journey. So with that, I take a step! When I was working on trying to answer all of the questions that a person might have when they come to a charity web-site like this I was making myself crazy… But then something really beautiful started to happen. I started asking my friends what they thought, and to a man they were ready to tell their stories and testify to the life God gave them. They were all so inspiring that my fear was gone and they had motivated me to take this step. God’s Grace through the people!


Just some general housekeeping: if we ever ask for donations it will be because we have a project to complete! And 100% of your donation goes to the project at hand. I love helping people who help other people so that’s always where I start. For instance, a lot of our time recently has been spent working with A Kids Place a foster care facility in Brandon that works very hard to keep siblings together during very difficult times. One of things that they can desperately use is some type of storage facility for all of their moving parts. Now a storage facility is not to sexy from a charity standpoint which is why I’m on the case. Not to mention, Brandon, Florida is the town where I grew up so it’s great to go back and help in any way I can. I’m still working on the logistics for the building. But in the meantime, we have a team that goes over quarterly to help them with general maintenance, painting, pressure washing and cleaning in general. And that’s where we are at today.