H2O got its start from "you guessed it" A God moment.

H2O got its start from “you guessed it” A God moment. God has a way of sending you the people that you need in your life. That was certainly the case with my dear friends Al & Cheri Molina. I first met Al when he was umpiring softball games in 1986 at JC Hanley in Brandon. Since I was pitcher, it was prudent to get to know the umps. Fast forward to 1990 and I started working at a new job in customer service at PMSI. After 2 weeks, in walks our newest team member Al Molina. With my vast two weeks of knowledge, let’s just say that we trained each other. We were a mess! However, Al stayed in operations and I went into sales. 15 years later, I’m back in Tampa working for myMatrixx a competitor of PMSI and guess who comes to work for us. You know who! Anyway, this is when the story gets interesting with regard to H2O.

The H2O Food Pantry has evolved over the years just like the relationship between Al and I. Al & Cheri now live in a community where they are able to help people who are short on Faith, Friends or Family. Still providing a meal or whatever is needed to make their day a little easier. Sharing God’s Love with others in their time of need is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Check out my friend Al today with his beautiful granddaughter & his bride of 46 years. It takes unbelievable strength and love to be an example for others!!!